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RBVI Acceptable Use Policy Overview

Each user account at the Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization and Informatics (RBVI) is capable of sending and receiving electronic mail (e-mail) and potentially creating and "publishing" a personal page(s) on the RBVI's web site. Users must be aware that such forms of electronic communication are subject to UCSF's Authorized and Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Resources and applicable state and federal laws.

Please also note the following:

  • The RBVI is engaged exclusively in scientific software tool development and "basic science" research activities. Our IT use policy explicitly excludes storing sensitive data on our servers. Excluded data includes Protected Health Information (PHI), data classified as "protected level 3" or above by UCSF's Institutional Review Board, data containing "personally identifiable information" such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, employee ID numbers, and any other data that UCOP classifies as Level 3 or Level 4 category data; see UC Protection Level Classification Guide. Data containing PHI or other UCOP category 3 or 4 data must not be transferred to, mounted on, or processed with any RBVI IT infrastructure.

  • All system files, and all files in each user's home directory (including saved e-mail files), are backed up onto magnetic tape on a nightly basis. Other than these back-up tapes, which are made for the purposes of assuring system integrity and reliability, the RBVI does not maintain archives of e-mail either sent or received;

  • The RBVI maintains several web sites for information dissemination purposes. We have a website privacy policy that addresses privacy issues on these web sites.
Questions concerning our Acceptable Use Policy may be addressed to:
Prof. Thomas Ferrin
Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization and Informatics
University of California, San Francisco
Phone: 415-476-2299
Email: tef@cgl.ucsf.edu

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