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lighting options

The lighting command provides access to settings in Lighting, including Shininess. It also allows changing the colors and specular contributions of the lights. See also: set, preset, lighting details

Options include:

Full descriptions are given below. Keywords and their sub-keywords can be truncated to unique strings. A vertical bar "|" designates mutually exclusive options, and default settings are indicated with bold. Square brackets [] indicate an argument that can be omitted; if a value is omitted, the current value will be reported in the status line (transiently) and Reply Log.

lighting mode [ ambient | single | two-point | three-point ]
Set number and type of lights according to the lighting mode: The different lights and their roles are discussed in the lighting details.
lighting brightnessvalue ]
Set brightness, the total illumination along the line of sight, disregarding any specular contributions (default 1.16).
lighting contrastvalue ]
Set contrast, or darkness of shading (default 0.83, range 0.0-1.0); at a given brightness B, decreasing the contrast C increases the ambient light: A = B(1 – C). Contrast does not apply to the ambient-only lighting mode.
lighting ratiovalue ]
Set the ratio of (directional key + ambient) to (directional fill + ambient), disregarding any specular contributions (default 1.25). The value can range from 1.0 to an upper bound that depends on the contrast. Applies only to the two-point and three-point lighting modes.
lightingkey | fill | back ) colorcolor ]
Specify key, fill, or back light color (all are white by default). The color can be any color name that specifies a single color.
lightingkey | fill | back ) directionx y z ]
Specify the direction of the key, fill, or back light as x y z components.
lightingkey | fill | back ) specular_intensityvalue ]
Set the specular intensity of the key, fill, or back light to value (default 1.0 for the key light, 0.0 for the others).
lightingsave | restore | delete ) style-name
The current settings in Lighting, including Shininess, collectively define a style. The save keyword indicates saving the current settings as style-name. A previously saved style can be applied with restore or deleted with delete. A lighting style can also be saved, applied, or deleted using the Lighting interface. Named lighting styles are saved in the Chimera preferences file.
lighting sharpnessvalue ]
Set the specular sharpness of the Chimera default material (default 30.0). Lower values yield larger, more diffuse highlights, while higher values yield more pointlike highlights. For more information, see Shininess.
lighting reflectivityvalue ]
Set reflectivity, the specular brightness of the Chimera default material (default 1.0). The components of the specular color are scaled by this value to calculate shiny highlights. For more information, see Shininess.