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-- not available on Windows systems --

neon options

The neon command produces a three-dimensional representation of the displayed molecule(s) with appropriate shadows. Molecules can be depicted as space-filling spheres, balls and sticks, sticks, or tubes. The current orientation and coloring is retained. This image is not interactive and may require up to several minutes to produce. After the image is displayed, clicking the left mouse button returns to the interactive display window.

The neon command is actually an alias that uses pdbrun to send data to the outside program neon, which processes the data and then sends it, along with any command-line flags, to the program conic. There are many options, which are detailed in the neon and conic manual pages.

*On Mac systems, the conic -o flag or configuration file output option must be used to generate any output at all. If display is desired in addition to an output file, the -s flag should also be used.

See also: pdbrun, conic, represent, raytracing with POV-Ray