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Command: combine

combine  input-model-spec  [ close  true | false ] [ retainIds  true | false ] [ modelId  model-number ] [ name  model-name ]

The command combine combines atomic models or copies a single atomic model to create a new model, optionally closing the originals (default false, keep all models). The ID number and name of the new model can be specified.

By default (retainIds false), duplicate chain IDs are resolved by assigning new chain IDs. Giving retainIds true indicates instead keeping all chain IDs the same as in the original models, as long as duplicate residue numbers with the same chain ID would not arise; if duplicates would arise, an error message will appear and the combination will not be made. With retainIds true, residues with the same chain ID from different input models will be combined into the same chain, connected by a “missing structure” pseudobond if separated by a gap in numbering, or a covalent bond if numbered sequentially. The input structures are not moved relative to one another; i.e., there is no attempt to make any added bond physically reasonable. To combine two atomic models while automatically repositioning one of them to form a physically reasonable covalent bond, see build join instead. See also: rename, renumber, changechains, bond, open, mcopy, volume copy

A blank specification of input models means all current atomic models. When multiple models are combined, the order of specification has an effect:

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