[chimera-dev] congratulations to the new beta release

C. Klein cklein at pharma.anbi.ethz.ch
Sun Aug 11 05:25:40 PDT 2002


I have been writing to you before and you may remember that we
communicated a bit about chimera. Now I have found the improved version
on your www pages and would like to congratulate you on that. I
especially like the new columns in the "model panel" with those
checkboxes. What I still find missing is the option to display atom
numbers (as taken from the input file) as labels. This can often be
handy, for example when defining rotatable bonds in small molecules for
docking studies, or when editing pdb files by hand. 

Best regards, 

Chris Klein

Dr. C. Klein; cklein(at)pharma.anbi.ethz.ch
Dept. of Applied Biosciences, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology / ETH Zuerich
Winterthurerstr. 190
CH-8057 Zuerich
Phone: +41 1 6356062
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