[chimera-dev] a reminder about arnauld

Greg Couch gregc at cgl.ucsf.EDU
Thu Aug 22 20:52:32 PDT 2002

Please keep the arnauld console logged in as administrator so bilbo,
the linux development host, can continue to run.  If for some reason
you do log out as administrator, you need to first go to the vmware
bilbo window and shutdown bilbo by logging into bilbo as root and
running shutdown.  The problem when someone logs out the administrator
is that there is a chance that bilbo's disks will get trashed unless it
is brought down cleanly first.  (FYI, the fsck was successful, and I
don't need to know who logged out without bringing bilbo down first.)

This problem is getting worse where someone wants to use arnauld to
demo/debug and someone needs arnauld/bilbo to build the Linux distribution,
so I'd like to get bilbo moved to another computer, preferably a linux
server in the machine room running linux natively (ASAP).


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