[chimera-dev] ryle

David E. Konerding dakone at uclink.berkeley.edu
Wed Aug 28 10:47:48 PDT 2002

Eric Pettersen wrote:

> On Tuesday, August 27, 2002, at 07:39  PM, Greg Couch wrote:
>> It appears that someone reinstalled chimera on ryle and that blew
>> away all of the development only stuff in the Chimera installation
>> tree.  Please don't ever do that again.
> Well, that was me.  I needed a Windows system to test a problem in the 
> 1516 release and arnauld and the adjacent Windows boxes were in use 
> for collaboratory testing.  Ryle only had the 1442 release.
> Clearly, I should have chosen the "move old installation" instead of 
> "delete old installation" installation option.  That was retarded on 
> my part.
> It might have been prudent on your part, once a significant amount of 
> time had been invested in changes, to move the modified version of 
> Chimera to another location.  It would be misleading anyway to leave 
> the modified version as the "1442 release".  [Nonetheless, I take the 
> blame here -- just a suggestion].

Since much (most) of the Chimera testing does not actually require 
hardware graphics, I strongly suggest you
guys just make a test Windows 2000 VMware partition that can be used to 
install/test chimera.  The really, really
nice thing about VMware is you can use a 'rollback segment' for the disk 
writes- so that at the end of testing,
when you shut down the machine, you can choose to commit your changes to 
the disk repository or dump them.
If you dump them then when the machine reboots it's as if it was never 
touched (virgin install).  Or you can
commit them and fork the disk repository, keeping the old and the new.


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