[chimera-dev] Release note suggestions

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.EDU
Wed Nov 6 09:36:41 PST 2002

Hi Greg,

  I looked at the release notes again.

  Under performance optimizations it says "... is much faster ...".
It would be helpful if this was more precise, like "... is approximately 2
times faster..."  Some times "much faster" means 10% faster, and sometimes
it means 10 times faster.  I'm sure the speed up depends on the particular
case but I like to give a number for a common case when I make optimization

  Maybe move
"Side View no longer drawn if containing dialog is closed"
to be one of the perfomance optimization sub-points.

  Maybe put "splash screen shows up faster" under the performance
optimizations item, and make "Chimera window pops up at splash screen
position" a separate point.

  Benchmark extension description says "on chimera on chimera".

  To the Volume Viewer extension description you can add:
"Subregion history and named subregions were added."

  I found the following hard to understand quickly.
"Menu Functions tutorial expanded and changed to Getting Started -- Menu Version. 
Getting Started tutorial changed to Getting Started -- Command Version."
Maybe something like
"Getting Started tutorial now comes in a menu version and a command version."


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