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Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.EDU
Mon Nov 25 10:37:20 PST 2002

  Steve Ludke in Wah Chiu's group reports some Chimera problems.
He uses Linux.


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Hi again. Well, I've started working on using chimera as a visualization 
extension for another program and I've got a couple more 
questions/comments from things I've run into recently. :

1) I just downloaded the latest release, but it fails when I try to 
install it as non-root with a destination of /home/stevel/chimera  (see 

2) One problem I keep running into is when I go to your web page, I have 
no way to tell if the version I have is the most recent, or if you've put 
a new one up. Perhaps you could put an upload date on the webpage. A build 
number might also not be a bad idea...  just a suggestion  :^)

3) If chimera is installed as root, is there some way for users to include 
their own extensions ?

4) Since I'm trying to use chimera as a sort of integral extension to one 
program, and may increase this usage in future, I just wanted to insure 
that it's not suddenly going to be a commercial product (for academic 
users anyway).  Is this something I can rely on ?

5) Finally, a technical question. Currently I'm spawning a new thread to 
handle the interprocess communication (I'm using unix-domain sockets for 
security at the moment). Anyway, the thread solution has a number of 
problems, of course, largely due to bugs at the moment. I was considering 
trying to implement an event-loop function instead, perhaps by registering 
an idle-event in Tk. Just wondering if there is anything I should be 
aware of before tackling this approach...

Thanks, and I really do appreciate all the work you guys have put into 
chimera. I really hope that the method I'm working on will work. If so, I 
should be able to garner a couple of hundred additional users for you  :^)

- -----------------
id> ./chimera1.exe
UnZipSFX 5.41 of 16 April 2000, by Info-ZIP (Zip-Bugs at lists.wku.edu).
 extracting: chimera_install_5xJwd7/py2.2.exe
 extracting: chimera_install_5xJwd7/chimera.exe
 extracting: chimera_install_5xJwd7/check.py
 extracting: chimera_install_5xJwd7/installer
 extracting: chimera_install_5xJwd7/chimera

Enter install location [hit enter for default (/usr/local/chimera)]: 
/home/stevel/chimera: No such file or directory
ERROR in create_install_dir: mkdirhier: failed to make directory
ERROR in chimera_final_install: Could not create install dir: 
result code from installer: 256
Installer returned unexpected return code '256'
Cleaning up extract dir, 'chimera_install_5xJwd7'
Installation is done; press return.

(I tried creating the directory manually too, still fails)

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