[chimera-dev] DelPhi in Chimera

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.EDU
Mon Dec 9 10:18:25 PST 2002

Hi Wade,

  How big is the DelPhi file you are trying to open with DelPhi Viewer
in Chimera?  Could you send me the Python traceback you get?

  In addition to the DelPhi Viewer extension you can use the Volume
Viewer extension (Extensions/Volumes/Volume Viewer) to look at a
DelPhi electrostatics.  If you try to open a *.phi file with the
Chimera open file dialog it will use Volume Viewer.  Volume Viewer can
show electrostatic potential isosurfaces.  For electrostatics, you may
want to show positive and negative isosurfaces in different colors.
Using ctrl-click in the Volume Viewer dialog histogram you can add a
second threshold level to make a negative potential surface, and you
can give it a different color with the color button.  One thing the
DelPhi Viewer does that Volume Viewer does not do is color a molecular
surface.  So we would like to get DelPhi Viewer working for you.


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