[chimera-dev] Re: Chimera at NCMI

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.EDU
Mon Dec 9 10:27:05 PST 2002

Hi Steve,

  Unfortunately Chimera allows at most one transparent model, with all
others opaque if you want correct rendering.  As you observed, the models
are rendered one after the other, so the second one always appears on top.

  It would be possible in the future to make volume viewer surfaces render
in one model so that all of the surface could be transparent.  But then it
would not be possible to move one model relative to the other.  Would that
be useful to you?  How important is multiple model transparency to you?


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> Hi again. Sorry to keep pestering you.  I just ran into another little 
> problem, and I wanted to find out if its another bug with the NV driver, 
> or if it's a problem with the vol viewer.
> I just tried to display 2 volume sets simultaneously, and discovered that 
> it appears that each set is being rendered individually, rather than as 
> part of the same model. That is, when the structures intersect, I see all 
> of one structure or all of the other structure rather than proper 
> clipping/intersecting.  Any ideas ?
> TIA!
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