[chimera-dev] row interleaved stereo support (http://www.vrex.com/developer)

Jeff Blaney jeff_blaney at stromix.com
Mon Dec 9 17:30:53 PST 2002


  We recently received a VREX twin LCD projector stereo projection system - very cool!  Chimera looks great on it.  This is the best stereo projection system I've seen.

  We also got a very clever glass filter that fits over a LCD monitor and enables stereo viewing through passive circularly polarized glasses.  It requires row interleaved stereo support, which I currently only have available with VMD.  It works great and I think your group and other users would love it.  The VRex filter currently is $400 and works with any display card; they currently only support a 15" 1024x768 LCD monitor. Carl Tung from Vrex expects prices will drop; I've got a prototype. It is literally just a glass screen that fits over the LCD screen - no wires or interface of any kind.  Would you be willing to add this type of stereo to Chimera? See http://www.vrex.com/developer for details. 



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