[chimera-dev] Re: DelPhi in Chimera

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.EDU
Wed Dec 11 10:35:26 PST 2002

Hi Wade,

  A small 284 Kb 1tcr.phi should not cause Chimera DelPhi Viewer to
request too much memory.  I suspect the problem is that the DelPhi
Viewer extension is not correctly reading the size of the data file
from the header.  It thinks the phi file is enormous and requests too
much memory.  The most probable reason for that is the byte order of
the DelPhi file is opposite of what is expected.  This happens when
the Phi file is written on another computer which represents 4 byte
integers using the reverse byte order of the computer you are trying
to read the data with.  Both the Volume Viewer and DelPhi extensions
attempt to identify the correct byte order but I am not sure if that
works for the DelPhi Viewer.  It would be worth trying to open the
1tcr.phi file with the Chimera File/Open... to see if volume viewer
can open it.

  Another possibility is that Chimera really has used up all your
computer's memory.  How much memory does your machine have?

  If you email the 1tcr.phi file I can try looking at it with DelPhi


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