[chimera-dev] Moving atoms from HETATM to ATOM entries

Jean-Didier Maréchal jeandidier.marechal at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 00:49:39 PST 2014

Dear all,

I am working with some chemically modified residues. For consistency with
MMTK, I have to move non-natural atoms in the ATOM list of the pdb. I would
like to do that directly from chimera and not editing the pdbfile.

 I thought that I could alter the heteroatom value of chimera's residues to
get there. But whether this is not the right attribute  or I miss

What I do is:
build my system, select the atoms of the non-natural and  natural part of
the residue. Make a new residue and then, having selected it:
for a in atoms:

This indeed changes the isHet attribute but when saving the pdb, the
residue is in the  HETATM field.

Any pointer?


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