[chimera-dev] warped dome

Dougherty, Matthew T matthewd at bcm.edu
Fri Oct 24 11:36:53 PDT 2014


I am revisiting the problem of warping the fisheye camera so I can use chimera interactively in the dome which will be useful for research applications. 

Having gone through the warp code from Blender, I am contemplating how best to make the transfer into chimera. 

I am thinking the best insert would be the truncated dome camera option.  

I got word that Sriram Subramaniam & NLM are planning to replicate my dome at NIH, and CMU put in a facility last week. 

Want to make chimera the primary tool for their dome viz, so I would like to eventually get this into the distribution.

Any suggestions on how to do this?  Will involve C code.  May need some help understanding the openGL calls in chimera.

Realize you are moving to chimera2, want to make this as quick and easy for everybody. 


Matthew Dougherty
National Center for Macromolecular Imaging
Baylor College of Medicine

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