[chimera-dev] Getting distance values from runCommand

Alex Voronov alexey.voronov at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 12:41:00 PST 2014


I'm measuring distance between two points. The measurement goes well and I
get a correct value in the viewport. I would like to get the same value
into a Python variable. Is it possible?

I'm thinking about a code like this:

  d = chimera.runCommand('distance #1 #2')

However, it seems to be impossible to get any value from runCommand, I
always get None...

Even parsing the log that appears in IDLE from commands 'distance #1 #2' or
'measure distance #1 #2' would sort-of work, but I don't know how to
capture the log either...

Is there a way to get values into variables from 'measure distance'?

Thank you!

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