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Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Tue Jul 23 10:00:31 PDT 2019

It will be difficult for you to write Python code to use the Volume class xyz_bounds() method and to create an atomic model in Python unless you are an experienced and resourceful Python programmer, resourceful because we have little programming documentation for Chimera, so you need to look through the Python code to see what is available.  Chimera Programming examples and scripts are in the documentation (link at left on Chimera web site).


> On Jul 22, 2019, at 11:57 AM, Ryan Harlich <ryanharlich at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Dev Team,
> I had a question about how to use the method xyz_bounds in volume.py. I want make an pdb structure with 3 atoms that makes the same bounding box as a surface. So given a surface I want to use xyz_bounds to the it’s max x,y,z. Which I believe would be xyz_max – xyz_min. Still I do not know how to use xyz_bounds.
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> Ryan Harlich
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