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Headless Chimera on i586 Linux Platforms

Headless Chimera has no visible graphics window. It uses a software OpenGL implementaton which is slower than hardware OpenGL, but it can be used on (web) servers and in other cases where there is no graphics hardware available. It is always in nogui mode.

The Headless Chimera release for Linux was compiled on a Debian 4 (etch) system. It should also work on any reasonably modern Linux distribution such as Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, etc., although we have not tested this.

For downloading and installation instructions, see the 32-bit Linux installation instructions.


To remove chimera, just (recursively) delete its directory. So in a terminal window: rm -rf `chimera --root`. That is, find out where chimera was installed by running chimera --root. Then delete that directory and everything in it.

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