Movie Making for cryoEM using ChimeraX

Tom Goddard
SBGrid Webinar
April 11, 2017

What is ChimeraX?

Today's topics

Movie making for cryoEM structures.

  • Ambient occlusion lighting.
  • Morph atomic structure of virus.
  • Show fit of each residue in cryoEM density.
  • Cellphone virtual reality 360 degree movies.

Ambient occlusion lighting


Deformed wing virus, honey bee pathogen, colony collapse disorder.

Morph full virus capsid

Show residues fit in cryoEM density

Virtual reality 360 degree images and movies

Immersive view from inside deformed wing virus 5-fold symmetry axis pore. 360 degree stereoscopic molecular scene can be viewed using a cellphone and a virtual reality headset.