PDB/UniProt Info PDB/UniProt Info icon

PDB/UniProt Info retrieves annotations for Protein Data Bank (PDB) entries using a web service provided by the RCSB PDB. Sequences are displayed in Multalign Viewer, and feature annotations from UniProt are mapped onto the sequences as regions. See also: fetching UniProt data

There are several ways to start PDB/UniProt Info, a tool in the Sequence category. It is also available as the UniProt info... function in the Model Panel.

The top part of the initial dialog lists the PDB chains currently open in Chimera. One or more chains can be chosen with the left mouse button. Choosing a chain uses its PDB ID to retrieve structure annotations and any PDB-UniProt mapping information (UniProt ID and residue number correspondences) from the RCSB PDB. The information is fetched as an XML file that can be cached and reused as needed depending on the Fetch preferences and whether the option to Ignore any cached data is checked. A dialog will appear for entering the PDB ID if it cannot be determined automatically. If the chain does not correspond to an entry in the PDB, no information can be retrieved. Sequence annotations are fetched from UniProt; these are not cached.

Other aspects of sequence display can be controlled in Multalign Viewer.
UCSF Computer Graphics Laboratory / October 2013