Chimera Commands Index

rock [ axis [ angle [ frames ]]] [ cycle  frames-per-cycle ] [ models  model-spec ] [ coordinateSystem  N ] [ center  center ]

Rock wags the specified models back and forth around a specified axis (default y) for a specified number of frames (default infinity). A full cycle of motion, analogous to a pendulum swing in one direction and then the other, takes frames-per-cycle frames (default 136). Larger values of frames-per-cycle will give a slower rocking motion. See the video mini-example. See also: roll, turn, select, cofr, set independent, movie-related commands

The angle (default 3°) is 1/20 of the total angle of rotation from one extreme to the other. It can be positive or negative, corresponding to the initial direction of motion.

The models to rock can be specified by model number(s) or ranges separated by commas and preceded by #. If no models are specified, all active models will be moved.

A coordinateSystem can be specified by reference model number N, optionally preceded by #. Otherwise, the laboratory frame of reference will be used. Any axis or center specification of the form x,y,z will be interpreted in the reference coordinate system, and when further motions are applied to an ongoing rotation, the center and axis will remain pinned relative to the reference model.

The axis can be:

The center can be: If a center of rotation is not specified directly or by using an atom-spec to define the axis, the current Chimera center(s) of rotation will be used.

Keyword options can be used in any order and the keywords can be truncated. Example:

rock z 5 136 center 0,0,0 coord 0
Commands continue to be processed while the requested motion is in progress. To pause command processing until the motion is finished, use the wait command. To halt an ongoing rock, use freeze.