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For inquiries into commercial licensing, please see Chimera Commercial Licensing.

We welcome feedback about UCSF Chimera:

To ask a question about using Chimera, discuss features, or suggest improvements:

You can send mail to the Chimera users mailing list, chimera-users@cgl.ucsf.edu.
This list is monitored closely by the Chimera developers, as well as other list subscribers, and responses are usually quick and thorough.

You can subscribe to the chimera-users mailing list, or view/search the whole archive,

To report a problem:

If you can, please use the Report a Bug dialog found in the Help menu. Or you can send mail to chimera-bugs@cgl.ucsf.edu or use our online submission form.

After being processed, your report will appear in our bug tracking system. If you supply your email address, you will be notified when your bug is fixed.

To ask a question about writing your own Chimera extensions:

You can send mail to the Chimera development mailing list, chimera-dev@cgl.ucsf.edu.
While this list is not as lively as the chimera-users mailing list, it is actively monitored by the Chimera developers, and can be a very useful resource for getting sample code and other helpful pointers for writing your own extensions in Chimera.

You can subscribe to the chimera-dev mailing list, or view/search the whole archive.

Chimera announcements list:

The Chimera announcements list is used by the Chimera team to inform users of releases and upcoming events such as workshops (~2-3 messages/year).

Although you cannot send messages to the chimera-announce mailing list, you can subscribe to it.

For permission to use ChimeraX images from the website, please contact chimera@cgl.ucsf.edu.