Color by Chemical Shift Perturbations

Tom Goddard
March 15, 2021

To color a protein surface by chemical shift perturbations in ChimeraX using this example heat-shock protein attribute file Hsp90_NTD_PU-H71_attr.defattr on PDB structure 1ah8 use commands

      open 1ah8
      open ~/Downloads/Hsp90_NTD_PU-H71_attr.defattr
      color byattribute csp palette 0,lightgray:0.1,green noValueColor skyblue

Here is a ChimeraX session file csp.cxs that adds text labels and a color key that looks like the following. The commands that made the labels and color key can be seen in the log after opening the session file (click the disclosure triangle next to "Log from Tue Mar 9..." in the log).

      2dlabels text "Chemical Shift Perturbation" xpos .2 ypos .9
      key white:0 green:0.1 pos .85,.2 size .05,.6
      2dlabels text "No data" xpos .8 ypos .07 bgColor skyblue outline 1