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Simple 3D Stereo Test Program

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Stereotest is a simple OpenGL program for testing if 3D stereoscopic viewing works properly within a window on the display screen (in contrast to "full screen" stereo where images are not contained within a window). The program tests for basic "stereo-in-a-window" functionality by 1) creating a window, 2) initializing it for OpenGL drawing, and 3) drawing the background for each eye as a solid color. There are no dependencies on any graphical user interface, and no 3D drawing. The background is a field of red in the left eye and a field of blue in the right eye. Thus, without 3D glasses you should see a magenta window if the stereo images are superimposed on the display correctly and with 3D glasses you should see separate background colors in each eye. If stereotest doesn't display the expected red-in-left-eye and blue-in-right-eye image, then either the graphics driver isn't configured properly for 3D stereo or there is a hardware problem. If your graphics card does not support stereo the message "unable to get stereo visual" is output.

Supported Graphics Cards

Traditionally, 3D stereo-in-a-window support was limited to "workstation class" graphics cards such as the AMD FirePro and NVIDIA Quadro. However, as of 2015 this limitation seems to be changing. We have seen OpenGL 3D stereo-in-a-window work on Windows 8 with recent AMD Radeon graphics cards, although this same configuration does not currently work reliably on Windows 10. Also, recent NVIDIA GeForce graphics drivers indicate that they support 3D stereo in a window but this did not work on the system we tested (GeForce GTX 970/ASUS PG278Q/3D Vision, June 2016).

Linux and Windows Binaries

32-bit Windows XP program, should run on Windows XP and later.
64-bit Windows 7 program, should run on Windows 7 and later.
32-bit Linux program, should run on Debian 4 (GLIBC 2.0) or later.
64-bit Linux program, should run on Debian 4 (GLIBC 2.0) or later.

Source Downloads

Source for Windows version
Source for Linux version