ChimeraX Tutorial at the Stanford CryoEM Workshop

Tom Goddard
January 15, 2020

Get ChimeraX and Data before the Workshop

Before attending the ChimeraX tutorial at the Stanford-SLAC Cryo-EM Center workshop please install the ChimeraX daily build (current daily build or 0.91 release will work best) on your laptop computer, and download the tutorial data files.

Get ISOLDE before the Workshop

We will use the ISOLDE ChimeraX plugin for refining atomic models. Please install ISOLDE before the workshop by running ChimeraX and using menu Tools / More Tools... choose ISOLDE, and press Install button.

What we will do at the Workshop

We will look at an atomic model of bacterial ATP synthase, including morphing, fitting, segmenting, and map coloring for the first part of the tutorial (details). Then we will look at refining atomic models in high-resolution density maps using the ISOLDE plugin to ChimeraX for the second part (details).