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RBVI Staff

   see Scooter Morris and JoAnne Williams (below)

Dr. Thomas Ferrin
Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
and Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences
Director, Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization, and Informatics
Phone: (415) 476-2299
Email: tef [%] cgl.ucsf.edu
I'm Principal Investigator of the RBVI. My interests include the development of databases and computational and visualization-based tools that increase our understanding of living systems through our study of sequence-structure-function relationships.
Dr. John "Scooter" Morris
RBVI Executive Director
Phone: (415) 514-4406
Email: scooter [%] cgl.ucsf.edu
I do a little bit of everything: administration, project management, research, and development. My primary research focus is visualizing biological networks. I'm a Cytoscape core developer and write most of the RBVI's Cytoscape plugins.
Dr. Conrad Huang
Director of Software Development
Email: conrad [%] cgl.ucsf.edu
I work on most of the software development projects, including ChimeraX.
Greg Couch
Email: gregc [%] cgl.ucsf.edu
I work on ChimeraX — primarily on infrastructure (platform support, mmCIF support, and graphics) and nucleotides.
Eric Pettersen
Email: pett [%] cgl.ucsf.edu
I work on several aspects of Chimera and ChimeraX, including atomic structure analysis and sequence-related capabilities.
Tom Goddard
Email: goddard [%] cgl.ucsf.edu
I develop ChimeraX capabilities for volume data display (primarily for cryoelectron and light microscopy), large molecular assemblies including integrative hybrid models, and virtual reality.
Dr. Elaine Meng
Email: meng [%] cgl.ucsf.edu
I work with ChimeraX developers, help users, and generate the user documentation for Chimera and for ChimeraX. Interests: biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences, structural biology, writing and editing.
JoAnne Williams
Administrative Analyst
Phone: (415) 766-4909
Email: Joanne.Williams [%] ucsf.edu
I handle most of the administrative aspects of the RBVI, including purchasing, processing postdoctoral appointments and visas, support for RBVI staff, planning and logistics for meetings, and other activities too numerous to list.
Al Conde
Computer Facilities Manager
Prior to my retirement at the end of June 2016 I was responsible for maintaining all of RBVI's computer hardware. Now I play keyboard at various gigs as part of the Bay Area music scene.
Susan Johns
Sequence Analysis Specialist
After a long career at UCSF Susan retired in 2011 and now lives in rural Oregon. She still maintains the TOPO2 software package for depicting protein secondary structure.

Lab pictures:

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